Botswana Association of Local Authorities is an association that was formed in 1983 as a vehicle to drive the promotion of unity, solidarity and cooperation among local authorities.The organization's founders envisioned BALA playing a key role in building a strong, democratic and development local government in Botswana. With a membership constituted by councilors and chief executives of councils as well as councils themselves as corporate members, BALA has struggled over the years to gain the recognition it deserves and to claim an influential role in national affairs.

BALA was established to promote unity,solidarity, cohesion and cooperation among Local Authorities in Botswana. The Association is constituted by Councilors and Chief Executives of Councils, as well as Councils themselves as Corporate Members. The Association was established at a time when the number of tasks delegated to councils saw a rapid increase. As a results of this increase, there was a greater need for information, exchange of experience, and for an organization that could represent the interests of its members. The over-riding objective of BALA's establishment was to contribute towards a strong, democratic and development local government in Botswana.

Ludo bids BALA farewell

Ms. Ludo Matshameko affectionately known as Mma BALA, pioneer of BALA Secretariat having joined the association as Projects Officer in February 1997 retired from service in April 2017. Ms. Matshameko selflessly dedicated her life to building BALA into what it is today and her efforts have seen BALA political leadership ascending to leadership positions in continental and global local government bodies.

BALA will forever be indebted to her loyal service she has offered organized local government. At the time of retirement she was at the helm of the association as Executive Secretary.

Thank you