About Us

Mission Statement

To enhance good governance through local democracy and the provision of cost effective quality services to our stakeholders.

Our Vision

To be a model of excellence in the promotion of Local Governance

Our Objective

The purpose of BALA is to help create an enabling environment for the Councils to become credible and recognized partners of central government and the private sector in the development process.

Our Values

Accountability, Consultation, Impartiality, Result Orientation, Continuity, Service Excellence, Integrity

Our Commisions

National Gender Commision

Hon. CLLR. Dineo Swarts - Mokomo


LED Commision

Hon. CLLR. Lathang Molonda


Regions Commision

Hon. CLLR. Jordan Makhura


Finance Commision

Hon. CLLR. Jeffery Sibisibi


Youth Commition

Hon. CLLR. Nico Folae


Welfare Commision

Hon. CLLR. Botho O. Ntirang